• First of all, you need to download the different dictionaries you want to import in Digdash.

Supported formats

For now, Digdash supports the following synonyms dictionaries formats:

  • LibreOffice

Extension : .dat

Example :

External links :

You can get LibreOffice dictionaries in different languages at:

(if you can not download the dictionaries via the Download button, please click on Save link as)

List of synonyms dictionaries in multiple languages: synonyms dictionary:

French synonyms dictionary:

Accessing synonyms dictionaries

Digdash allows you to import synonyms dictionaries in many languages.

This feature is available in the Dictionary manager under the Synonyms tab.



Screenshot: Synonyms dictionaries via the Dictionary manager

But also in the multi-language edition dialog:


Screenshot: Synonyms dictionaries via the Multi-language edition dialog

Importing synonyms dictionaries

In the synonyms dictionary dialog, an icon shows you when a dictionary for a particular language in not loaded. You can use the button synonyms_dictionary_en_html_8d0792b98cc1e4fd.png to load one, or use the link Load a dictionary….



Screenshot: Digdash interface for a non loaded French synonyms dictionary

synonyms_dictionary_en_html_38c0f765c05af72.png Status icon showing testifying that the synonyms dictionary for a particular language has not been loaded.


Screenshot: Importing a synonyms dictionary


Screenshot: Digdash interface for a loaded French synonyms dictionary

synonyms_dictionary_en_html_711cdc33bb8b789f.png Status icon showing testifying that the synonyms dictionary for a particular language has been loaded.

NB : Whether you pass by the dictionary manager or the multi-language edition dialog, when the synonyms dictionary dialog shows, the search bar is pre-filled with the Display name.

Reading a synonyms dictionary

For a given word, the dictionary synonyms dialog lists all the synonyms for this word if they exist, in different categories.

These categories are numbered and mentioned in bold. They actually correspond to the different meanings of the word. They bring some information like the grammatical types of the synonym followed by the most relevant synonym for this category.

Each category lists all the available synonyms.

More, information about the synonyms is available in tooltips.


Screenshot: Categories for synonyms of the word “date” in English

Selecting synonyms

You can select one or multiple synonyms in the displayed list.


Screenshot: Multi selecting synonyms

Or add them all via the menu Add all synonyms of the dictionary.


Capture : Ajouter tous les synonymes du dictionnaire


Screenshot: All synonyms have been selected

Use of synonyms dictionaries

The main Digdash features using synonyms dictionaries are:

  • Text query
  • Guided analysis

You need to check if the use of synonyms dictionaries is activated for these features in the server configuration.





In the server configuration page, at the bottom of the page > Advanced >> > Category Synonyms dictionaries



Screenshot: Activation of the use of synonyms dictionaries




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