2021 R1 20210512

Build: corrected version.txt in all web apps (patch version)
Build: Fixed bad import in some JSP
Build: js file names should contains the current date instead of the version number (to fix cache problem on patches, same version so same js file names)
Build: removed startdigdash.jar (unused)
Build: setenv.sh dos file format
Build: wrong default server port
Builder (PPT): Bug #16031: UI issue with sections
Builders: Bug #16134: Issue adding sections
Chart: Bug #15745: Filter bar: opening another filter does not close the previous one (or z-index is bad)
Chart: Feature #15928: [Anneaux/Secteur] Affichage de l'étiquette de la part la plus faible empêche l'affichage des étiquettes des autres parts
Dashboard Assistant: Bug #16011: Can't load specific sheet on specific xlsx file
Dashboard assistant: Bug #16082: List of dashboard templates shouldn't include home page template
Dashboard Assistant: Bug #16198: Sheet selection don't work properly
Dashboard Editor: Bug #16063: Typo in message
Dashboard: Bug #14249: Custom CSS not applied all the time
Data source: Bug #16002: SQL incremental : Lexico comparison would not work with basic AUTOINC column
Data source: Bug #16087: JSON not correctly parsed
Desktop Studio: Bug #16140: missing jar loading JNLP (commons-math)
Server: Bug #15835: Fixed DDAudit support for other DB than H2
Server: Feature #15443: Files cleaner optimization
Server: Feature #15443: Moved API isCleaning to cleanerapi.jsp
Settings page: #16132: User settings: action "Assign profil" is now hidden when "enableProfils" boolean is false
Settings page: Bug #16089: hide panel and adjust css for correct display when user edit mode is active
Settings page: Bug #16124: Protect code "null" for radioUsersProfils value , and add protect code for other section => ('btnProfil') null , when enableProfils = false.
Studio: Bug #15152: Bad icon for difference of sets
Studio: Bug #15467: Adding and deleting dimension issues when creating a flow
Studio: Bug #15594: Hierarchy manager issues
Studio: Bug #15793: applying a selection on a category of flows is buggy
Studio: Bug #16121: DND issues in cross table edition
Studio: Bug #16138: UI issue when deleting flows
Studio: Bug #16155: Infographics panel: loading SVG should be asynchronous
Studio: Bug #16166: Html Builder: unable to add a filter (button always disabled)
Studio: Bug #16167: Html Builder: Unable to find flows used by the html builder
Studio: Bug #16168: Html Builder: crash saving an html builder in some cases
Studio: Feature #16146: Map manager: change the different name for the initial multiple configuration of maps proposed by DD

2021 R1 20210602

Bug #16293: UI of Studio in Spanish : Include the corrections of wrong translations
Spain translation added for some items
[Dashboard] Bug #16205: popup of a group a window menu export not accessible
[Dashboard] Bug #16055: Add a small description of the "Filters" widget in dashboard editor
[Dashboard] Bug #16257: Filter do not initialize itself by the user attribute configured
Bug #16001: STUDIO: preview shows one more line than the specified limit
Bug #16181: Studio : Max number of lines value issue in ds creation
Bug #14550: [Studio] Digdash n'arrive pas à charger un csv en entier si une ligne contient un point virgule en plus
Studio: Legend helper: ColorLabel not translated

2021 R1 20210622

[Dashboard] Bug #16390: SECURITY: HTTP cookie digdashSessionId is not secure
[Dashboard] Feature #16373: ${filter.X} does not work anymore
[Studio] Bug #16181: Max number of lines value issue in ds creation
Bug #16287 & #16370: Tomcat shutdown slow
Bug #16316: last agg fails if null member
Bug #16375: Export PPT fails for some reason (ask for repair)
Bug #10255: Fix on intersection action when the number of dimensions changes in data model
Feature #16193: Map manager in webstudio : propose the translation edition of level names

2021 R1 20210706

[Dashboard] Bug #16376: Js impacts calendar slider rendering
[Dashboard] Bug #16387: SECURITY: Comment tracing
[Dashboard] Bug #16428: Additional component - Selection
[Dashboard] Bug #16439: The display of a slicer is not correct
[Dashboard] Bug #16489: Legend manager is not accessible
Bug #16402: Can't choose role when creating a source (via the main wallet view)
Bug #16487: fixed unusual NPE in hierarchy level update when using some external dimensions
[SSO]: equalsIgnoreCase for "set-cookie" + added stack traces
[SSO]: removed equalsIgnoreCase for "set-cookie" + removed stack traces
Feature #13293: SAP/Bex connector
Bug #16386: SECURITY: XSS protection for addComment
Bug #16388: SECURITY: Session ID entropy has been doubled
Bug #16413: SECURITY: Reset password workflow now displya generic error message

2021 R1 20210712 (Hotfix)

Bug #16496: SQL Helper dont work when using bigquery

2021 R1 20210730

[Area chart]: Bug #16684: option stack measurement values "Cannot read property 'min' of undefined"
[Authentication]: Bug #16589: database datasources not working with SAML2
[Backup]: Bug #16488: Restore backup don't work properly when datasource file contains () character
[Dashboard Assistant]: Bug #16554: translation issues after changing language
[Dashboard]: Bug #16376: Js impacts calendar slider rendering (Support #16333: Comportement étrange curseur et calendrier sur navigateur Edge)
[Data source]: Bug #16589: database datasources not working with SAML2
[Data source]: Bug #16667: JSON is misinterpreted
[Data source]: Feature #13293: SAP/Bex connector
[Desktop Studio]: Bug #16572: Deprecation message
[Export]: Bug #16427: Chart to Png error on some deployment (Html builder ko)
[Import Tool]: unable to launch the tool
[Language]: Bug #16207: Include the spanish traductions for predefined functions
[Language]: Feature #16274: Add 3 spanish regional languages in DigDash
[License]: Bug #16627: Max number licence reached and old user with licence can't connect
[Performance]: Optimization on JS min/max filters in associated measures
[Studio]: Bug #13669: Menu allowing to add measure to an axis doesn't always work
[Studio]: Bug #15810: create a new flow from a DM which is in a different role than the currently selected wallet does not bahave correctly
[Studio]: Bug #16180: Can't uncheck specific feature "comments' in tables
[Studio]: Bug #16400: Theme editing wizard - Web studio - Using digdash_2019_template as server theme don't take into account
[Studio]: Bug #16556: CSS theme selection KO when style manager acl activated
[Studio]: Bug #16584: unable to create a read only File System server
[Studio]: Bug #16587: Html Builder: meta encoding never inserted
[Studio]: Bug #16644: Multi domain home page redirection
[Studio]: Bug #16652: web app name badly deducted in some cases
[Utils]: Bug #16657: files cleaner crash when the CPU has 2 cores or less
[Web Studio]: Bug #16571: PPT Builder: warning before inserting clipboard content
[Web Studio]: Bug #16704: clean resources at logout

2021 R1 20210806

[Backup]: Bug #16738: being able to include userid and datetime with millisecond in backup file name
[Chart]: Bug #16710 : Openstreetmap: bug with aggreg option
[Cube]: Bug #16552: Cube generation failed (union with keys association)
[Dashboard Assistant]: Bug #16017 : Datamodel has wrong name
[Data Source]: Bug #16730: SAP BEx: can't scroll in variables dialog
[Data Source]: SAPBEX: minor fix
[Engine]: Feature #16756: Add support for adding and subtracting in ${date...}

2021 R1 20210810

[Admin page]: Bug #16742: Server status : detail of digdash.properties archive in case of shared infrastructure
[Builder]: Bug #16026: PPT Builder: error when trying to display a text flux
[Builder]: Bug #16779: PPT Builder: Text Flow new lines are separated by a big empty space
[Charts]: Bug #16781: VizModel KO : An old chart with a VizModel of type "User Theme" is not migrated
[Config]: Bug #16782: Web Studio: not started if digdash.appdata parameter is not used
[Data source]: Bug #15000: SQL preview not updated when updating SQL
[Studio]: Bug #16591: Pop-up illisible lors de l'application de modifications sur une hiérarchie partagée
[Studio]: Bug #16708: data model manager: crash duplicating a data model
[Studio]: Feature #16754: Studio: DM manager: share dm dialog improvements

2021 R1 20210906

[Backup]: Bug #16949: backup page / download restore file failed
[Charts]: Bug #16854: Not able to define the order of line in a chart
[DataModel]: Support #16728: : NPE (ExceptionCantResultCube: Result cube failed)
[Optimization]: Feature #16938: Added an option to do not save a dimension's members into the cube
[SAPBEX]: Bug #16822: Support interval type input variables and fixes when creating final query
[Settings page]: Feature #16833: add forum link on index and config pages.
[Studio]: Bug #16802: Add variable descriptions to variables dialog
[Web Studio]: Bug #16947: keep alive feature not working

2021 R1 20210914

[WLNK]: Bug #16974: we should decode DD variables in HTTP URLs in WLNK

2021 R1 20210924

Feature #17151 : SSO : SAMLv2 : Switching to LDAP mode when SAMLv2 is set up
[Dashboard] Bug #16797: Conformité RGAA
Bug #17109: Include the spanish translation for countries name
Feature #16274: Add 3 spanish regional languages in DigDash
SQL: Test logs for SAP Hana column labels
Build: generate checksum
[Dashboard] Bug #17039: Function ddCtrl.getDataModelDate don't work
Support #16685 Curve chart: option stack measurement values, null values display
Support #16445 Cross table: target
Feature #16844: Lien Forum dans le studio DigDash Enterprise
Bug #16831: Web Studio: PPT builder: editing with office download a file without extension

2021 R1 20211005

[Dashboard] Bug #16797: Conformité RGAA
[DashboardEditor] Add link to Forum

2021 R1 20211008

Bug #17227: Regression : Flow: dimension disapear
SSO SAMLv2 : Bug #17256 : jnlp should take into account loginForm parameter



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