Install Guide on Windows

Last modified by jhurst on 2021/04/21 10:01

DigDash Enterprise installation can be done in two different ways on Windows:

  • Install for manual launch
  • Install as a Windows service

This document describe how to install DigDash on Windows in both modes.

To install on Linux, read document install_guide_linux.

To update an existing install, read document upgradeDDE.


Unzip the archive file in the folder of your choice, preferably /user/share/ DigDash Enterprise files are now installed on your computer.

Digdash Enterprise install can also be installed by DigDash setup (read document setup_en.pdf).

Tomcat Parameters

Some paramters like tomcat memory allocation and network ports may have to be modified to install DigDash Enterprise.

This chapter describes how to modify three of the most important parameters at install time: Tomcat memory allocation, network ports and Windows service (if an install as a Windows service is needed).

A more complete list of parameters is in the document digdash_enterprise_guide_avance_systeme.

Allocated memory

  1. Open the folder <install DDE>\apache-tomcat\bin then edit the file setenv.bat
  2. Modify values of JVMMS and JVMMX defined at the beginning of the file.
    Example: set JVMMS=4096 and set JVMMX=4096 to increase allocated memory to 4GB.

Network ports

If one or more port mandatory to Tomcat are already in use by another process, then it will not start. It is important to check for the availability of the network ports on the system. By default the three following ports are needed: 8005, 8080 and 8009.
 Follow the following steps to modify them :

  1. Open the folder <install DDE>\apache-tomcat\bin then edit the file server.xml
  2. Find and replace all port values 8005, 8080 and 8009 by number of available ports on the system.

Name of the Tomcat Windows service

In some cases it is interesting to modify the Windows service name that will be created when installing as a service (next chapter). For instance, another service already exists with the same name.

  1. Open the folder <install DDE>\configure then edit the file servers_install_service_64.bat
  2. Find and replace the value of the variable SERVICE_NAME at the beginning of the file. Example: set SERVICE_NAME=Tomcat7_DEV

DigDash Enterprise manual Start And Stop

When DigDash enterprise is not installed as a Windows service.

Starting DigDash Enterprise

Open the DigDash Enterprise installation folder and then double click the start_tomcat.bat file.

Wait until the servers starts (starting the server can take several minutes the first time).

Stopping DigDash Enterprise

Open the DigDash Enterprise installation folder and then double click the stop_tomcat.bat file.

Installing as a Windows service

Install as a service must be done with a user with administration rights on the Windows system.

Make sure you modified the parameters specified previously in this document, if needed, before you install the service.

  1. Start the command line prompt as an administrator (right-click on cmd icon in Start menu and select “Run as an administrator” option)
  2. Get into the folder <install DDE>\configure then enter the command servers_install_service_64.bat on Windows 64 bits or servers_install_service.bat on Windows 32 bits. The service « Apache Tomcat7 » is installed (or another previously spécified name).
  3. The service is installed in manual start mode by default. To change that behavior start the Windows Service Manager and change the properties of the new service. You can also check in this dialog that the service will be started with the correct user.